October 31, 2023

Safest Cloud :

All four cloud deployment models ensure data security and protection. However, the private cloud is the safest type of cloud computing environment as it is built in-house and no third party has access to it. Moreover, the data is managed and stored behind a firewall and controlled internally by an organization by following comprehensive data security frameworks.

The Least Cloud :

The cost of different types of cloud computing is determined by the number of services provided by that cloud, such as server size, storage type, and storage size.

Public, hybrid, and multi-clouds require less investment because IT infrastructure is set up and managed by third-party vendors. On the other hand, for private cloud environments, companies have to build and maintain an IT infrastructure that can manage cloud computing services. Setting up and managing such infrastructure on a large scale is costlier than availing of public cloud services. Hence, private cloud deployment costs businesses the most and public cloud cost the least.

However, data security is a crucial factor that determines the cost for businesses. Even though public clouds are less costly, they are not as secure as private clouds. In case of data and security breaches in public, hybrid, or multi-clouds, companies have to incur huge losses.

In addition to this, public clouds also have several hidden costs like charges for moving data from servers to your applications, and back-end management charges. However, in private clouds, businesses know all costs upfront, which helps them make strategic decisions.